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Destroy Poserton Volume 1 (lp)

$7.50 / On Sale

Smash Art is very proud to announce our first ever vinyl release!! A co-release with Total Fucker Records.

This compilation features 14 of the best punk bands you've never heard:

The Extorted
Burden of Humanity
Kids of Alright
Scarlet Wraith
Proper Lads
Shamshire Boys
Nikibi Zura
Poor Convictions
The Opposers
The Bratty Attitudes

Each record includes a 14 page zine, with one page provided by each band. Also included, 1 of 4 screen printed beer bags. (Beer Label/Düd Braü/Lemon Blast/Icy Rapids Light)

(1st pressing 400/black 100/solid red)